DR Artistic Design

By Debra Renae

Welcome to my website

Art has been a passion of mine since I
was very young. I love working with
my hands and I am a very hands on
and visual person.

This web site is to have a place to show
my art and to let all who enjoy it, see it
and/or buy it. I will be adding pages as
necessary as the site progresses.

I love colour, all colour. I have no favorite colour because I sincerely love them all when they are applied correctly to my eye.

I also love sparkle. I am highly 'Bling'. Sparkle and colour is what drew me into art.

I work in many mediums of Art.

I paint, I paint in water, acrylic, and oil.

I handcraft custom jewelry. I do jewelry for human and for equine.

I create beaded work such as American Indian and fur trade items. Clothing, bags, knife sheaths etc.

I am also progressing into the world of Digital Art.